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Schlössle Gallery, Pforzheim


The unusual green roof on a shopping mall at the heart of Pforzheim city measures around 7,000 square metres of green and utilisable roof surface and sets stands out impressively against the dense "sea of ungreen houses".

The roof surface is pitched, which is why there are various build-up heights to cope with the incline and the different plant locations. The levels measure between 50 cm to more than 110 cm in height.

The green roof offers various playground items, numerous seating areas and even a cafeteria that is highly popular due to its "green" location, as is the entire roof itself. Anyone looking for a chance to take a break during or after shopping at the mall can find an oasis with a 360° view on the roof with room to relax...




Roof area:

approx. 7,000 m²

Green roof build-up:

Public area
Solid body drainage type PKW, 20-60 cm drainage and support layer made of expanded shale and expanded clay (coated), support layer of bedding and clinker or bitumen and a "Terraway" cover layer


Build-up at tree locations:
Prefabricated reinforced steel components on a solid body drainage type PKW
Root-proof sheeting as a water-tight basin, drainage layer type Perl BT 2/16, filter fleece type 200, upper tree substrate type BO, solid wood seats (oak)

Building owner:

MDC Schlössle Gallery Projektentwicklung GmbH, Düsseldorf


T+T Design BV, Gouda, RKW Rhode Klellermann Wawrowsky, Düsseldorf, Heerdegen Architeken Stuttgart, lad + Landschaftsarchitektur Diekmann, Hannover