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Boros Collection House, Berlin


The conversion of an old air raid bunker has attracted attention from beyond the boundaries of Berlin.
Around 150 m³ of concrete were chiselled from the bunker, of which 120 m³ alone were for an opening in the bunker's roof to accommodate a stairwell and a lift to the apartment at the top. The living quarters are surrounded by a roof garden with a terrace and pool.
The intensive greenery - some of which is beneath the roof that projects outwards by more than four metres - not only extends the living space but also acts as a privacy screen to protect against unwanted attention from the neighbours. The mobile sun screen elements move in part right through the middle of the garden and underscore the building's romantic yet ruinous character.
The bunker itself houses an art collection that is open to the public at weekends.




Roof area:

370 m²

Green roof build-up:

Optigreen system solution "Garden Roof"

Building owner:

Karen Lohmann and Christian Boros


Architecture - Jens Casper, Petra Petersson, Andrew Strickland, Berlin www.jenscasper.com www.realarchitektur.de
Roof garden design: bbz landscape gardeners, Timo Herrmann, Berlin  www.bbz.la

Green roof

Optigreen partner company Heumann, Schlegel